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 anmial fun clan

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mr comaro

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PostSubject: anmial fun clan   Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:38 am

this is my clan that i made up its just a sorta chill clan u guys can still stay in ur pk clans thats fine with me not sure about the other clans up heres app

owner::mr comaro

top dogs:: yum five me bro

sioner dog:: open::open::open::open

dogs:: unlimted

puppys:: unlimted

some rules
must be a good pickuper
must follow server rules
must respect other dogs
if u pick ur anmial u stay with it forever
once out of hireing spots to bad so sad for uthers

kk thats clan need a sig ill work on 1 l8ter or u guys can suggest
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anmial fun clan
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