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 ~~How To Run GamesPVP On A Mac Computer~~

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PostSubject: ~~How To Run GamesPVP On A Mac Computer~~   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:09 am

.:!|!:.Guide On How To Run GamesPvp Client On Mac/Linux.:!|!:.

Step #1. Go to the top of your screen. Find the Apple and click it. Look For "Software Updates" and click that. Download any new Java updates needed.

Step #2. Search up "Java Preferences" in spotlight. When thats open you will see a bunch of Java Plugins (Java SE 6, J2SE 5.0 etc.) In both of the windows Put the "Java SE 6" at the top of them.

Step #3. Go to google and search "Unrarx Download For Mac" click the first link, and download it.
(Unrarx is an application mac users can use to get files extracted from .rar files.)

Step #4. Download the GamesPVP Client normally from the Downloads section of the forums.

Step #5. Once the client is done downloading you can double click the .rar file and it will automatically open in UnrarX. Near the top of the "UnrarX" screen it will say "extract to" change that setting to desktop and click "extract" at the top right of the screen.

Step #6. The GamesPVP Official Client folder should now be on your desktop.

Step #7. Open the folder until you see something called "Client.Class" Double click that and the client will run.

Step #8. Enjoy GamesPVP!

If you have any questions Please Contact me either in-game or Private Message me on the forums.

This Guide Was Made By Justin - Proud Member Of GamesPVP
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~~How To Run GamesPVP On A Mac Computer~~
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